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WHO supports the COVID-19 response through delivery of life-saving Oxygen Concentrators to areas with increasing transmission

The World Health Organization (WHO) has procured and delivered 50 Oxygen Concentrators and their accessories to the Department of Health (DOH), aimed at increasing preparedness to manage a surge of cases in Regions 2, 3, and 4A where cases of COVID-19 could increase in coming weeks. 


“Oxygen is an essential medicine and early access to oxygen therapy can make all the difference to patients with severe COVID-19,” said Dr Rabindra Abeyasinghe, WHO Representative to the Philippines. “WHO is committed to support the DOH in providing increased access to medical oxygen therapy to help reduce case fatality rates and save lives.”


Medical oxygen is used to keep oxygen at sufficient levels in the body for it to function properly. Early initiation of oxygen therapy can help treat severe symptoms of COVID-19 and is associated with a decrease in loss of life among critical patients.


Not all patients with COVID-19 will require medical supportive care or oxygen therapy. Persons with mild or moderate symptoms can isolate and receive care at home, if they are young and free of underlying health conditions.


If you test positive, take measures to prevent further transmission of the virus to others by isolating yourself immediately. To prevent spread of the virus, continue preventive measures such as cleaning hands, wearing masks, physically distancing and avoiding crowds, close-contact settings and confined spaces.#