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Supporting frontline workers in the COVID-19 response

11 APRIL 2020, Ulaanbaatar – A new supply of lab tests and personal protection equipment (PPE) including medical and surgical masks, face shields, goggles, gowns and gloves worth over USD 80,000 were handed over to the Ministry of Health (MoH). Dr Sergey Diorditsa, WHO Representative to Mongolia, said that these PPEs are essential to protect health workers and responders working on the COVID-19 frontline, so that they stay safe and healthy and can take better care of patients infected with COVID-19.

WHO has been working closely with MoH since the first case was registered in December 2019 and has been providing support with technical advice and guidance, national capacity building of health professionals, laboratory testing and supplies of much needed equipment and PPEs for the health care sector. “It is remarkable that Mongolia has 16 confirmed cases as of today. This is the result of effective and timely measures undertaken by all health professionals and responders working tirelessly to protect the health of all in the country”, said Dr Sergey and commended the Minister of Health and MoH for outstanding leadership in keeping Mongolia safe.

Thursday marked 100 days since WHO was first notified about an illness of an unknown cause now officially known as COVID-19. “Since then not a single day has gone by without collaboration between the health sector and WHO”, stated Minister of Health Ms D.Sarangerel and thanked WHO on behalf of all health professionals for this third supply of PPEs and also continued support in all areas. In addition to response measures and preparedness efforts by the Government of Mongolia and the health sector, Ms Saranagerel emphasized the importance of everyone’s role in fighting this disease and reminded all to continue taking protective measures.