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National TOT Training on COVID-19 IPC and clinical management

The Ministry of Health of Mongolia conducted a national TOT training on “COVID-19 IPC and clinical management” on 18-23 May 2020. The training aims to prepare trainers on a nationwide scale and will be delivered in three phases.

The first phase will train 70 doctors and experts as national trainers in COVID-19 IPC and clinical management. During the second phase which will take place in June 2020, the trainers will go to all 21 provinces and train 420 doctors and staff there in addition to 360 doctors and staff in Ulaanbaatar as trainers at local levels.  

In the third phase, through facilitation of province/district health departments, the local trainers will organize training to state and private hospitals, soum and family health centers and staff from non-health sectors.

Objectives of the training are to improve capacity of health workers in IPC and clinical management for COVID-19 and enhance community engagement in preparedness and response activities.

The training program was approved in line with the Minister of Health’s order A/259 and covers topics such as Mongolia’s policy on COVID-19, WHO guidelines, multi-sectoral response, early detection, triage, diagnosis, treatment and controls, cases and IPC measures.

The training is organized with technical assistance and financial support of USAID, WHO, UNFPA and UNICEF.